Monday, October 11, 2010

Priorities and time

There are certain things jostling for my attention that seem to take up my time. My main aim today was to get down to sketching some ideas. It's odd, but I can have a whole series of ideas which seem attractive and don't repeat too closely what I've done before, but by far the most successful route is when an idea comes along and becomes an's inescapable and only the rendering of it can bring satisfaction. I seem to be experiencing the later., and it does have some similarities to 'Graces'. Early days yet however!

Then there's my new phone which learning to use is demanding a certain amount of time...and I also had to respond to some emails from a publisher regarding my artwork for HMS Pinafore, which I worked on a couple of months ago. The publisher wanted the original text and images, but I didn't have them, of course the printer took possession of the artwork, then the client ( I thought) retrieved them when he collected the posters etc made from the artwork. however ( bear with me, I'll try not to be too long!!) the printer was and did retire at the end of last month and kept the original artwork.The client forwarded an email to me with contact phone numbers to which all records and unfinished jobs had been transfered...this was to a print firm in another town. I contacted the company and asked for 'Rob'...the man who answered told me Rob was on holiday in Scotland somewhere. "When do you need the material for?" he asked " Wednesday" I replied.

I hope he manages to contact Rob and get the info emailed to me in time of all the publicity for the show will not be included in all the advertising brochures etc that circulated through out the city. Oooer!

I'll return o my sketchbook and have plans for a photo shoot tomorrow...

more next time!


J. Kwiatkowski said...

oh no! what a calamity. I hope you get your work back.