Friday, October 15, 2010

Development - 2

I've laid out the various components in the process I described yesterday for you to see. At the top left is the original drawings in the A5 to that is the enlarged scanned image...then the tracings of that image, and finally at the bottom the assembled row or Ladies made by transfer of the tracing repeated in order. The next phase is then to fairly accurately establish the lines and a basic idea for the arm and hand placings.Once I've progressed with the anatomical proportions to my satisfaction, i'll be able to add clothes. I have been looking at the hundreds examples of tennis dresses online and am now at a stage where I need to decide if each girl will wear identical frocks or do they all have very individual looks.That's something I will sleep on tonight.( Nice dreams are made of tennis girls! lol...)

My next and biggest decision is to go on with the picture without placing me in the foreground. Of course in reality I'd love to be surrounded by a group of gorgeous tennis girls all lifting their skirts, but believe it or not, my work is not about ego boosting or wish fulfilment. I would feel uncomfortable placing myself in the scene for that reason. Maybe I'll change my mind's my prerogative to do so ...but it makes for more interesting development I find because although I am the creator of my work...what I place in the picture also has an influence on how it relates to the rest, and sometimes what seems right in my mind, turns out to be wrong on paper.

see you tomorrow!