Thursday, October 28, 2010

White Ladies - 2

 The pencil drawing above just prior to work starting on inking. Below you can see that some features have changed  in the process. This is usual and is actually fairly straightforward at this point. Many of you will remember that previous works have undergone drastic remodeling at this stage. I've tried to learn from those incidences by planning ahead and being sure of what I want to do. I've often hurried myself to go into production purely for the sake of being in production of a dotted piece. hope I've not spoken too soon, but things are progressing well at the moment!

Here you can see the forming of the hair...texture is important to me, and in this smaller format, i'm keen to produce something that will be appreciated close up and at a distance. I can see there is some unevenness in the arc of the hairband...things like this only become apparent for some reason when I want to show my work or if i've previously stated that i'm happy with it...I'll sort it tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

Love to see how you made the shiny hair - it would make such a pretty fabric pattern :)