Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Development - 3

 Here you can see the line-up I'd originally created last week. However, I had come to several problem areas, namely the arm possitions and hands. It wasn't looking good, so I decided that to move the girls a little further apart would perhaps rectify the problem.So slightly overlaid in the above picture are tracings of two figures with the extra spacing.
 Above is a little more clearly visible...work still needing to be done on the hands. It's at time like this that I wish I had some live models to work from...all my problems would be solved !
Above I have transferred the new tracings to paper for more working.(not that visible until I overwork them in pencil, but if you enlarge the image it might be more apparent!) The hands are the major concern right now.I draped a shirt over the end of my bed and stood so that I was visible in the mirror. I lifted the material as if it were the hem of a tennis dress, then observed the position of my hand...reached over and drew what I saw remembering to 'feminize' the proportions of my hand so that it looked right.I've been working on these drawings all day and i'm fairly satisfied that i'll be able to proceed to the art paper later i the week. Next up is to finalise the faces of the girls facing the viewer....shocked...down turned...passive....laughing...?


J. Kwiatkowski said...

That is quite an exercise, all those hands!