Friday, September 22, 2006

The carpet crawl

I was in school yesterday running my second workshop for year 2 Children. Young minds certainly know no inhibitions, and we were soon flinging paint around like a room full of Jackson Pollocks!..My main aim was to encourage the children to 'See' and not merely 'Look'. We studied in detail the parquet flooring and a climbing rope and discussed how we would show in a drawing that a chair was made of wood as opposed to metal or plastic. I know what you're thinking, 'You're dealing with a bunch of 7 year olds!'..Let me tell you..They listened, and couldn't wait to put pencil to paper. We did 30 second sketches of trees. In no time we'd produced a whole forest of images it had taken the Consevative Party £400.000 to do! We finished with two group paintings based on a brain storming session about 'Things we like about the Arboretum'. The children seemed happy, their parents seemed happy and I was happy.

The evening brought our next Salsa lesson. A hot and sultry evening. The class made up of 12 men and around 30 women was again very basic, and needed to be. For some reason, my image of a poetic 'mating ritual' full of passionate strutting and eye contact that called on my species instinctual urge to attract my mate, deserted me. I had no coordination and must have resembled a newly born foal that much to it's Mother's dismay, had six legs with roller skates already attached.

The accompanying picture to this post is my recently finished ' Derby Market'. It shows the cafe area outside the Market Hall.


Tim Young said...

Love the picture Niall you tallent is there for all to see, keep it up.