Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dance on a Volcano

Thursday evening saw Jan and I attend our first Salsa dance class. I actually felt a little nervous..would I end up making an utter fool of myself? this something sad middleaged inevitably end up doing? the next step a SAGA railcard?..incontinence?..

I needn't have worried, in fact I was pleasently suprised!The class comprised of around40 people of varying ages and sizes. There was a a couple who looked about my age, he smelled strongly of 'dutch courage'..she wore a very flimsy dress and high heels.There was an Asian middle aged couple,a trendy young couple, two ladies,a bloke in a football shirt, a couple returning for a refresher and a man who was on his own and appeared to be aged around 70. Others too varied to mention made up the session. Our teacher was enthusiastic, a man who was not the usual teacher he said because the motorway had delayed the proper one. Still, he knew his stuff I guess and put us through an hour of discovery, basic Cuban and Mambo ( the discovery being that I am actually pretty good at this dance lark! ). We had to swap partners around the circle, so I managed to dance with all the women there,this was an experience..especially the woman in high heels who stood on my toe!

My last partner was Jan.

To dance is the deepest form of courtship, the mating ritual. To look into the eyes of the woman I have spent most of my life with, I saw someone altogether familiar, but dangerous, passionate hungry.So as God and heaven rejoice when one sinner nature and history give their blessings to people in love.