Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Muffin tops and bingo wings

As an artist, I see it as my role to reflect and bring insight. Art is not about producing great is about the questing and journey, the alchemical nature involved with coming to terms with that which was, is and will be. The outward evidence of the inward search. A sign post on the way.

The woman in my picture is someone none of us perhaps will ever know. But in my mind she stands for all those women who have struggled home from town, to provide food for the children she split herself in two to deliver. The family that takes her for granted, the laundry angel, the queen of the home, a Mother, a Wife a Lover. To add more, she perhaps works all day as a care assistant wiping crap off beligerent old men for the minimum wage. Anonymous to us perhaps..but never the less, significant in my eyes and the subject of my work. So to all you Mums out there, worried about 'love handles' 'Bingo wings' 'Muffin Tops', stretch marks, varicose me you are beautiful!

You can perhaps see that I have added a bit of definition to her features. (click on the picture for a closer look!) and have added a little to the background. This is goingto be a very dark picture for the most part. The challenge is set.