Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We move in processon, ever eager to leap in freedom away from all we know..to dance to a different beat......and live.

As a self proclaimed artist I now have to find a way to pay the bills . In January this year, I was fortunate enough to be awaded funding by Arts Council England to develop my unique style of drawing which I call ' Hyperpointilism '. I create images using millions of tiny dots of ink. Each picture is photographic in appearance ( once I get to grips with blogging I'll upload some for you to see!)

I came up with an idea to produce artwork reflecting my love of the 'Arboretum' here in Derby. It was in fact the first 'municipal ' park in the country and is smack bang in the sprawl of the Derby's industrial heritage including Royal Crown Derby, Rolls Royce and the Railway..Nearby is the industrial museum, site of the first 'Factory'....The start of the industrial revolution! I thought it would be a good idea to involve those who live near and use the park as part of their day to day lives . Jan ( my wife ) put together an application for funding ( I'm rubbish at that sort of thing!) ( and Jan has a degree in creative writing!!)......So what does this mean?...Well I'm to run workshops on a weekly basis at the local primary school and the residential home next door..I aim to get the children and elderly residents to create some art reflecting the Arboretum and it's social and environmental regeneration ...I have then booked space to exhibit the work next February in 'The Orangery'.

I'm hoping to gain funding to pay for me to produce a series of pictures to complement the exhibition. We applied 6 weeks ago but heard last week that I had not been successful..We'll reapply later this week. So back to today!...I spent my first 2 hour session at the residential home...The subject of my next post!


Anonymous said...

hi niall

love the blog, its a bit like a living diary isn't it. i've not had much experience reading blogs, but shall pop in from time to time to see how yours progresses...k