Monday, September 25, 2006

Stepping out

" You never know when you look in a busy street" my Grandma used to say. I often wondered about that. Have you ever looked up to see an airliner passing by, a little speck in the sky? I'm fond of remarking to my children " There's a couple of hundred people just gone over your head!". Stopping to consider the tangled lives contained therein, the hopes and aspirations, I am guilty of being wrapped up in my own little life.

In July I went into Derby to take photos of crowds of people. The first drawing to come from that session is represented below in 'Carpet Crawl'. Whilst cropping down other material from that day, I came across an image of a woman. She is seen stepping out of a shaded area into full sunlight, whilst others are heading into the shade. I wondered if I could use her to show how we all 'step out' into the light, or find ourselves entering a dark period. I also like the fact that she is an 'ordinary' person. Wrapped up in her day, but beautiful none the less as the light that falls on her gives an ethereal glow.

So:..I have posted the first stage of my new picture here, which shows the pencil sketch prior to starting the dotting. Will it turn out OK?.." You never know when you look in a busy street"!.......More tomorrow!