Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Emo's and Moshers v Chavs

My eldest Son Sam (14) and I sat chatting tonight at the end of a day that saw my Daughter Annie turn 6!..Sam is studying for his G.C.S.E's...and in English they are reading 'Educating Rita'. Sam and I share many traits but I surprised myself tonight. Sam told me they had been discussing the stereotypes presented in the play...And that had 'Rita' been written today, then Rita would be a 'Chav'...Some in the class then went on to describe the characteristics that they perceive as 'chav-like'.... One girl at the back of the class spoke up...Sam told me that she was a 'chav' and went on to complain at high volume that " it's not fair innit?..How people fink just because you're workin' class you're a chav"..Sam said the class laughed.

Hold on..I said, It was that very spirit, that indignation and anger and desire not to be pushed into the expectations of what society views as a working class girl that saw Rita seek her education. Sam said "yeah..but it was still funny".

I know who's side I'm on!......Go girl...innit!