Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Off to run second art session at Arboretum House today. I'd planned to take a couple of pictures in and spend time getting to know the residents. I have to assure the staff that I'm not there to hurd together as many residents to 'do art'..But to build trust and rapport so that individuals will want to try creating something. I arrive and go into the kitchen area of the upstairs section, I pour myself a cup of cold water from the dispenser. I sit to chat with a gentleman, then leaving my drink move over to the seating area to introduce myself to a rather timid looking lady. She is gentle and polite, talking about things I could not understand..I smiled and listened . Eventually returning to where I left my drink.

As I sat and talked to Bill ( name changed)..I took a drink of my water...That's funny' I thought..It tastes funny..I took another sip..Still the same. I nearly died when I looked into the cup!..Something white and distinctly mucous-like swirled in the water.Someone had ' gobbed' into my drink!!......to make things worse it had not being long since medication time, I began to wonder if I'd just taken someone's spat out laxatives or tranquilizer!...I can report no effects so far...But I'll never leave my drink unattended again!


Anonymous said...

Just trying to comment directly for the first time ever. Your picture is priceless!!!! Graham says it reminds him of someone ;-)