Thursday, September 28, 2006

Park Life

For the second time this week, I've taken a group of children from St.James School out in to the Arboretum to sketch. Judy Hall accompanied me and I couldn't have kept control of the group without her. It was lovely to sit in the park and be surrounded by all the trees, some beginning to turn yellow, squirrels darting about, people walking their dogs. There was an almost dignified hush to all sound and I felt that we were somehow being 'allowed' to enjoy the park by the trees themselves.

Have not been feeling too well today. So have not worked on my picture..Did a bit yesterday, the results are shown above. I am starting to feel anxious about the arrangements for an Artist and Designers fair I am to attend on Saturday and Sunday in Buxton, Derbyshire. It's the first time I've 'done' this sort of thing and hope to sell prints of my work. The scope for being made to feel amateurish and naive is scary to say the least!. We've not been able to find any display boards so will have to improvise. I'm also hoping that my new web site will go live at the weekend. My work will then be available for purchase online...I'll let you know the address when it's up and running!

Salsa tonight..