Thursday, July 12, 2007

Game 16

This afternoon I hit a patch when (as Martina Navratilova would say) I was "In the zone'. Things just seemed to come together, the ink flowed and it seemed as if the picture was drawing itself. In some ways (and please don't misinterpret my analogy here) it's like I'm forming a magic I start to incant the words..there is a stage at which the spell becomes active and it is with my pictures..i have spent nearly four weeks working on this till now, and only today did my vision become alive before me...I've got a long way to go yet, and many decisions yet to make regarding the 'Dark Clown's' robes and the foreground..there's also the small matter of rendering the tennis racket strings correctly..but it feels good today!


Tim Young said...

revised comment for those who cant uderstand..

Hi Niall, pic looks great. I'm so pleased that it is going well. I have to say thay you inspire me. I hope that my work will be half as good as yours, if it is i will be well please.....
Hope you can understand this now