Saturday, July 21, 2007

Games 22.....

It has taken me longer than I thought to rid myself of a rather troublesome virus which has knocked me right out for a couple of days..even though the stomach cramps and aches left on Thursday..what has remained is the total lack of drive and passion. No inspiration, no desire to do anything...I've moaned and groaned, criticised and been thoroughly comes at a time when we have to book a holiday to which we hope to go next Saturday..our planning is handicapped by the need to keep the days free in case Jan gets offered some work...we're now looking at the prospect of a dingy flat in Dunbar...saddled with the prospect of further bad weather and a grumbling teenager, it should prove to be a time of (philosophically speaking)..personal discovery.

Back to today...I've actually managed to do a bit of work on the picture!!!which was hampered by the news that after 3 months of my prints being available to buy at Tourist Information Centre in Derby and a art/print shop in the Indoor Market, I have sold the grand total of zero pieces. I know it's not an indicator of how worthwhile my work is..but it really is disheartening and I do tend to take news like this fairly badly until I've got a more objective point of view.

Please take the fact that I've been depressed into account when reading my miserable writings..I'll hopefully be back to my old self very soon.


Ps said...

Well--Good luck.
I really think that one time you MUST come to India.Whenever Satish comes back from UK with picures, I am always moved at the STARK contrasts in the life there and life here.Its amazing Niall, how people live here.Truly moving (will try and send you pics)When I see the standard of living, there I can only picture what you describe as 'dingy flat in Dunbar'.I am sure it will be a great place in someone else's perception.