Friday, July 13, 2007

Game 17

I have decided after much thought to decorate the robes of 'The Dark Clown' with crosses and eyes..if you are thinking you've seen something similar, it's because you have..check out 'death And Life' 1911 by Gustav Klimt.His figure of death differs in that the head is a skull and the crosses are more closely bunched . I've added eyes for a special secret little meaning of my own..although psychologists might interpret my images as the work of a tortured mind...perhaps they're right? Anyway..if you would like to try and interpret the picture , I'd love to hear what you think! And, if anyone arrives at the same explanation I have..I'll send you a free mounted print of it when it's finished!


Devil Mood said...

I'm sorry but right now my mind is too busy thinking about packing and I can't produce any interpretations, especially not of the psychanalitic kind...
The sweater looks good though. And eyes and crosses both work as charms to keep away the bad spirits.

Ps said...

'Death and life' bt Klimt is quite different from this one--except for the skull (which is there in many paintings by different people) i dont see any resemblance.

I'll have to think about what you might be trying to say.

But to me, eyes are windows to a soul.(therefore life)Crosses are found on graves as well as steeples.
Eyes and crosses--life and death--that is the connection i see.

Niall said...'re on the right track..but no goldfish for you just yet!