Saturday, July 14, 2007

Games 18

I have progressed the 'pattern' to the ground and will shortly begin work on adding shading etc to the robe.
As I sat in my bedroom drawing this morning..I looked out of the window ...enjoying the view..wondering where our summer was (it's rained almost every day for weeks!)...listening to a tape of Steve Hackett playing loudly...when my 15 year old son Sam came up to my room...what do you think he asked of me? pocket money?....a can of beer? asked ME to turn the music down as it was too loud!!!! I will have a smile on my face forever as I remember that!
Went to my friend Paul Taylor's 50Th Birthday party tonight..was great to see him...and meet two VERY old friends from years ago...Paul and Mark Whitehall...I know you'll be reading this...we will get together again soon!


Ps said...

Happy birthday Paul.
And Niall --what is that noise? Turn down the music, will you!! made me smile too :-)

Niall said...

I've saved my teenage rebellion until they say: "youth is wasted on the young"