Thursday, July 26, 2007

Games 26 you can see..progress is slow..but that is only because I can't work when my environment is disturbed..children shouting and arguing..all normal summer holiday stuff, but detrimental to me. I don't think I'll get very much more of the picture completed before we go away on Saturday. Tomorrow I've got to take the children to my Brother - In - Law's wedding..Jan is already there for a meal and will stay overnight so she can be there for the hairdressers at 8:00 in the morning...a fact that only just dawned on me as she was heading out of the door. I'll post tomorrow night and let you know how the wedding went..


Ps said...

Have a good time!

Devil Mood said...

Oh I forgot to wish you a good week of holidays!
I was expecting to see a new painting, but I see you've been troubled by all sorts of distractions (hope you're feeling completely good now).
See you when you get back!