Thursday, July 05, 2007

Games ll - 10

There are some very obvious progressions to the picture today. Namely the train and sky..The Skull is better highlighted by the addition of the background shading which will also have a moon in the top right of the page.

Today I had some good news. Last week visitors to the exhibition urged me to apply to take part in the Wirksworth Festival. Wirksworth is a small town in the Peak District that once a year in September hosts an Arts Festival to which thousands of people take part in 'Trails' which take the visitor on a tour of venues displaying the work of Artists and designers. The deadline for application had passed, but I was encouraged by one particular visitor who is a well know artist in Derbyshire to apply. Jan contacted them by email and today we a mail from one of the organisers who has visited my website and thinks my work is appropriate!!..this is great news, as it will enable me to show my work to vastly greater number of people !!!! The festival takes place in September and I've included the link to the website in Wirksworth if you fancy a look.


Ps said...

Wow!Wirksworth fest sounds really good.Am happy for you, Niall.

Devil Mood said...

Fantastic news! :)
And I love, love, love the little train!

Niall said...

thank you ..both of wonderful steadfast readers! It will be a step up to the next level as regards the public having acess to my work..I'm excited!

Al said...

HurraY!! bRILLIANT FABULOUS NEWS!! What are the dates?
Thrilled for you !!!

Niall said...

Al..Well, it should be the weekend of the 22nd September!