Monday, July 23, 2007

Games 23 - Monday 23rd

Well, here I go again..another attempt to gender some consistent input to my work. I've begun a course of Saint John's Wort which should make life a little bit easier to navigate. I only tell you this because I know some people have said to me in the past that 'not going to work' means i must have an ideal existence and an enviable one at that. Well I can tell you it's not. Perhaps an explanation of what lies behind the picture will clear a few questions up...perhaps it's the nature of the background reasons that have triggered some of my negativity..perhaps it's the continued isolation I find myself in that distorts reality..perhaps not. One thing is certain:..I will never allow the experience to go unrecorded or ignored...I will always continue to learn and grow.


Ps said...

To me, people are so important and connecting to people who matter is even more important.I can br okay for days together by myself--but after that the urge for some kind of contact is overwhelming.I can only imagine how your working days would be--all alone at your desk,concentrating intensely on the dotting and the picture.Are you able to think about variuos things when you dot?I mean--is it mechanical (like when you ar driving you can also think) or do you need to really concentrate on the picture?
Yes Niall--we all learn and we all grow.You are not alone, as long as you have your family and friends who care for you.