Sunday, July 01, 2007

Games ll -7..End of the exhibition.

The exhibition has come to an's always sad to take down my pictures ..I consider art needs to be seen..not for any conceited reason, but there is so much we can learn about the world and each other if we only took the time to see thought the eyes of another.

As I was packing away, a young couple came in to view my work. In talking after, the young man explained that he was an artist who drew in pencil..I gave what i hoped were helpful pieces of advice nice to share with a like minded individual..He gave me details of his web site and we parted. Then when I got home I had a look..I am absolutely blown away with the level of skill and dedication Mark displays. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU FOLLOW THE LINK to Mark's site and wonder at the jaw droppingly brilliant pencil drawings he has created. Mark..I salute you!

I just want to end this post by publishing this drawing done by my youngest son William. I think it's wonderful..shows good vision and has echos of Dali and Picasso. What do you think?


Devil Mood said...

That's such a mysterious character your son painting! Very retro.

Tim Young said...

hi Niall it was good to see you at the exhib. we enjoyied it. It seams a little of our tallent is rubbing off on your kids. I hope he keeps it up.
See you soon


Katherine said...

Hi Niall! Congratulations on a successful exhibition. I love the pipe the man is smoking in your son's picture.

Niall said...

thank you all for your comments.Will is proud to see his work online ..

Kathrine..lovely to hear from you!..

Ps said...

I really liked William's work.Will check out Mark's site too.

Ps said...

Loved the way he has tried to imitate your signature, Niall!So sweet!Following in dad's footsteps.