Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Games ll - 9

I'd like to thank my faithful protege Oskur for looking after the blog whilst I was resting..he really is a lovely little chap..trouble is he keeps on asking me to let him have his own blog...maybe one day.

By way of an update on the Arboretum Residency, it's still supposed to be going through..the managers at the City council have to re-write all the leases for the buildings they own in the city..mine studio being included in that. Despite the fact that it is an honour to have been asked (in May 2006!!!!), I am finding it increasingly is something which if it goes ahead will alter the whole of my working process..and will mean a lot of hard work and planning to furnish (I have to arrange all that myself) the studio before I can move in....i hate the uncertainty of it all.I hope I'll have better news soon.


Ps said...

This means you have already waited for more than a year!I do hope things move faster now.

Niall said...

Speed of decision making are not one of the Councils better known qualities.