Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knights and Pawns - Close up 1

I thought I'd post a series of pictures today detailing the work on these Knights and Pawns. I'll try to illustrate the process as I go along from pencil sketch to finished standard.In this first photo, you can see the pencil outline of the pieces and the surrounding area which is the table top..this will eventually be dark red/brown . (See wider shot in yesterdays post) My first job here is to identify the highlighted areas then begin applying a base layer of scarlet dots..I keep the coverage fairly even at this stage.
Once I've covered the area, i begin to erase the pencil lines...believe it of not, if I ink over a pencil line and then try to erase the pencil, it remains in the ink showing through much darker.

All the pencil has been erased it's time to add the next layer of colour.

Yellow ochre is next..I'm not being too careful as to where I place the more colour is introduced, they will overlap's just a matter of avoiding any large congregations of the same colour.

Having applied the first layer of yellow, I'm now attempting to create areas of shadow using green..again this will be deepened as I go on.Now that I've defined the pieces I will go on to bring the background to meet the edges. Each piece although in shadow, radiates colour beyond it's edges into the darkness around it..(you'll what I mean later)
I'll get back to work now...see you later!


Tys on Ice said...

u make it look so easy!

thnks for letting in on the technique...i really wud love to see how u manage to define those 2 pawns ...

Niall said...

Tys...Thank you. Easy? actual fact, i find this particular excercise quite challenging..if it all goes'll see it here!

Devil Mood said...

The pen is thinner than baby needles!

Actually I find that is like reading a cook book in a foregin language. I see your effects and I really appreciate your explanations but I still don't really 'get it' and wouldn't be able to reproduce lol

Niall said...

Devil...The pen nib is 0.25mm in diameter..there is also another needle which is inside the nib!