Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PWM - 19

I've continued today to concentrate on the arm and table area. I'm trying to give definition to the tendons and muscles in my arm by slowly deepening the layers of colour. It's a slow process because as I spend so much time looking at the same area, the subtle shades seem to mould together. so i need to get up and walk away for a while..coming back i can see what needs doing. for instance, now I've uploaded this photo, i can see that the highlights on the chess pieces are too garish..i will need to reduce their size and mute the edges a little.
You can also see where I've extended the extra red layer across my t shirt.It's very tedious to do, so I'm doing it in stages. I'm now beginning to look at the actual chess board with some excitement..it'll be great fun to do! Incidentally, I've just reached 84 hours..I think I'm on course for this to be the most hours spent on a picture....I'm not even half way!!!


Julie Schuler said...

wow! if you charged $20 an hour, your piece would already cost $1680!

Devil Mood said...

Don't exaggerate on the muscles bit. We don't want you looking like a wrestler. ;)
I really like the table surface!

Niall said...

Julie...for commision work i usually charge £20 per hour (equiv $40)

DM...Don't worry! I am renderiong the muscles true to life!