Friday, March 07, 2008

PWM - 11

One of these days I'll get hold of a scanner and then I'll be able to fully represent the texture the dots create. You would be forgiven for thinking that the plain area of my t-shirt is incredibly boring to do.Well in one respect you'd be is isn't a 'challenge' along the lines of my previous piece 'Spirit'..but,and here you'll have to accept my word for it..the mix of colours and the fact that each dot is visible, makes for a very pleasing effect. Viewed up close, the form of the image is lost as a swirl of colours meld and seep into one another to create a hazy colourful mist.


Devil Mood said...

Scanners are really cheap these days, even for poor artists like you ;)

Julie Schuler said...

Yeah, get a scanner! I have to get another one. Mine's too old and won't work with my new computer. I think there is a cable I can get, but it would probably cost the same as a new scanner. I'm even going to learn how to use this new one, instead of just stacking stuff on top of it and waiting for my "lackey" to do it.

Niall said...

Ok already!..I'll get a scanner!But I have to wait till I get my new OS istalled ...tch!