Monday, March 17, 2008

PWM -- 18

I decided to spend today working on the lower right area.I wanted to get the first chess pieces in..there was also 9and still is) a lot of work to do on the arm and the shading.You might also notice a kind of shadow progressing up the picture on the extreme right, it goes up to my shoulder, this is an extras layer of red dots which gives a warmer feel.
Here is a close up of the chess pieces..the shadows have yet to be drawn in so at the moment they look like they are floating. I'm enjoying the challenge of this piece , the subtle colour changes require constant new layers of dots to achieve the effect I'm after.


Devil Mood said...

It looks like you're getting a tan ;)

Ooh floating chess pieces, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Gledwood said...

hey I love that powdery chess artwork... see from your profile you're an "illustrator"... does that mean you get children's book commissions? do you mind my asking: do illustrators of children's books own copyright to their artwork, as the author owns copyright of the words?

also how do you like that classic: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE..??!?

they mentioned that on Radio 4 recently and I have to say that is the ONLY picturebook from my childhood I vividly remember!!


Niall said...

Gledwood..Welcome and thank you for dropping's always great to have someone new round here! to answer your questions,

Yes, artists own the copyright on all their work..

'Where The Wild Things Are' was also a favourite of mine when I was a daughter has the book now and loves it too...

Ps said...

The trophy in the last pic, brings back sweet memories of another time.Though I haven't been commenting I have been following the progress of your pic.
As always I am left speechless.