Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knights and Pawns - Close up 2

Right!..the next step as i said is to bring the dark blue of the background up to the edges of the chess pieces.
I then bring some of the red from around the board up to the pieces and start to put the next layer of colour down., in this case it's a mid blue.

I then continue the red over the mid blue until it surrounds the chess pieces.The is still a line of white around each of the pieces..I need to fill that in and begin blending the shades...

Having filled in the white lines, I now put down a layer of Yellow Ochre..I know I always say this, but it's a colour that somehow brings everything to life...

I next add in more red to deepen the tones and add more mid blue to the table...The next job will be to work on defining the chess pieces a little more and refine the highlights......more later!