Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something you may not have known.

Here's a little something about me you might not know. I've always been an active person, infact up until I began my professional art career two years ago, i would always be off doing something weather it be cycling, swimming, football or squash.

In 1989 I started work at a local Psychiatric hospital as an Occupational Therapy assitant...a job which afforded me enough time to continue drawing on my days off.It was there I met Rob who came to work there in 1992 . We discovered our similar liking for the game of squash and booked a court. We then went on to play each other every week for 12 years until an injury stopped Rob from continuing. I miss those days, but have never felt a need to find another partner. It would probably kill me now!

I have as a reminder of those days the 'Young ,Burrell challenge Cup'..which we awarded to the person who won the most games in the year.