Saturday, March 15, 2008

PWM -17

The two photographs show the progression of colour layers I use. I have to make sure the colours flow from light to dark to form a smooth transition. The time difference between the two shots is about two hours!

When I initially started this blog, it was my intention to give you as rounded a picture as to the experience of my life as a professional artist.Whilst I do not always 'wear my heart on my sleeve'..I do like it to show through my clothing.

At about this time for the past two years, I've prepared for a solo exhibition of my work at the Derby Guildhall.This year however, I am not because I was advised that it would be a waist of time and effort. Each year i've covered my costs, but made very little profit..but I thought it was equally important to just get my work seen...and since I have heard yesterday that i've been rejected from exhibiting with a group I really wanted to exhibit with, i'm now without a exhibition to plan for this year. I have applied for one other which i've almost given up on, and then a festival towards the end of the year, applications for which don't open till later in the year. So I'm not feeling very fulfilled at the moment..other things are contributing to this greatly too.

So please bear with me if at times i come across as a little negative..I suppose if i use the photographic analogy, a little negative can be used to make a positive enlargement!


Devil Mood said...

Well, I like the way you end the post. Very clever.
Isn't there something about when a door closes, a window opens? I hope so.
I can't see the 2nd picture.