Monday, March 31, 2008

PWM - 28 Sorting my head out.

I've spent the day so far sorting my head out! If you compare it to the photo in yesterday's post, you will see the suble changes I've added...including the glasses at last!!


Jonice said...

I'm totally amazed with your PWM work, Niall. I've just scrolled down to see all the plates. What an amazing reality! Up to the extent that it even makes a bit scaring to see you face to face with yourself, so real it seems. What a great job in terms of colours and light and details!

In a couple of weeks broad band will land "chez moi" and then I won't have to come out to see your blog like I am now.

Good week :)

Devil Mood said...

"Sorting my head out" - just what you needed ;)

Preetha Nair said...

Sir, I was blog hopping and found your blog and you just gained yourself a fan!!!
your work is toooo good :)

You have a wonderful talent...
will check the blog regularly to see the progress.

thanks for sharing such wonderful creations.

Niall said...

Jonice...Thank you, i'm especially pleased with the level of realism i've managed to achieve in this work,It's incredibly time comsuming but worth every minute to me! ..and looking forward to more contact when the tech guys have been round to yours!

Devil...what are you trying to say?..eheh

Preetha...Welcome !!!I hope you enjoy discovering what it is I do..please feel free to ask anything...