Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day


A little interlude from my work today as I enjoy the celebration that is'April Fool's Day'.The origins of the practise are not entirely clear,but what is known that many consider it to be 'Open season' to play practical jokes on the unwary. I, my good friends have learnt my craft from the master..who? I here you ask!..well the master is 'Dennis The Menace'. !!!

News shows, newspapers, radio are are well known for reporting and publishing wonderfully contrived stories of pure fiction. this morning the BBC news showed clips from a forthcoming wildlife documentary on flying penguins (the full clip seen above). Newspapers reported the reintroduction of the long forgotten sport of Greyhound racing ........on Ice!! A new car that emits an electric shock if a dog pees on it's wheels...and apparently America is to ditch the Dollar and introduce the Euro as standard currency.

I have not been quiet either. A neighbour had his car clamped yesterday in our street possibly for an out of date tax disc. When Jan was to leave very early this morning for an acting job in another town, I told her that we'd been clamped ..dashing into the street in a very angry mood she dashed back in with an even angrier face and delivered a rather profane outburst loosely..or rather very accurately in my direction about it being *£^%*£$ ! April 1st. I then went on to email all my Facebook friends to tell them that if they clicked the 'Logout' button very quickly three times, they'd get a secret drop down menu of new skins and backgrounds for their pages...hee hee hee!..I don't think I'll have many friends left after today!

It reminds me of the time I used to work for a homeless charity. local businesses and stores would often donate to us things like 30 loaves of bread or half a frozen pig etc...One day I left a note for the assistant manager who was to be on duty over the weekend (April 1st)....The note read that I'd received a phone call from a Mr. C.Lyons who wished to donate a large quantity of frozen fish to the centre. I wrote that he wanted my colleague to ring him up later that morning before mid day to confirm that delivery was OK. When my colleague rang up he asked to speak to Mr C. Lyons about the fish..he was rather embarresed to find out that the number I'd given him to ring was Twycross Zoo..ahhh how we laughed....or at least I laughed.


Devil Mood said...

lol I didn't have you as such a prank-maker. I hate lying, even pranks, I absolutely hate it. I can't even do it. When I try, I give up half-way because I can't keep a straight face.
And believe me, sooner or later, America will ditch the dollar. But not for the euro, obviously.

Shruti said...

we once had an article in the newspaper that a prominent politician was joining the film industry.. as an actor. Another photo showed a half human, half crocodile figure eew..

Tys on Ice said...

i cant keep a straight face whn i do a prank...but been the butt of it many times...in school someone told me tht theres a buddhist mantra that does like :

Owha tago Sayam

which if repeated again and again accompanied with standing , kneeling and prostrating at each syllabyl will give me a vision of the universal truth...

i fell for it. try it, u'll see wht iam talking abt

Niall said...

DM..Ah!..this is what I call the 'double bluff' no one will ever think you capable of pulling a prank, which puts you in the elite catagory of pranksters!

Shruti..Half man half crocodile?..I once heard of half man half shark,I think he became a lawyer.

Tys...Lol!.I'm sure you can think of other versions of that..I'm now going to have that image of you chanting for the rest of the day!