Thursday, April 10, 2008

Influences 2

Today i come to the second in this mini series whilst my family and camera are away Yesterday I presented Queen singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Today it's the turn of another singer songwriter who has featured significantly in my life since I first discovered his talents way back in 1973!! Jeff Lynne joined an innovative band called 'the Move' at the late end of the 1960's..along with Roy wood, Jeff strove to reach beyond the limits of conventional pop music. Using inspiration from the stunning multi track recording technique heard on the Beatles 'Sgt Pepper' offshoot project aimed to introduce stringed instruments into a rock and roll show.Thus the 'Electric Light Orchestra' was born.

Jeff and Roy parted company..Roy to form 'Wizard' and Jeff to develop the ELO.The band developed into a massive commercial success with it's most prolific period in the middle 7o's.pioneering the term 'Stadium Rock'..ELO's live shows introduced the world to the giant flying saucer which would rise into the air above the stage to reveal the band underneath...laser beam and other innovative lighting techniques were also used for the first time.

Again similar to Freddy Mercury, Jeff's songs reflect a highly achieved sense of lyricism and musicianship..bucking the trend during the Punk era again and never really being fashionable. For tonight's video..I have chosen the seminal 'Mister Blue Sky' Another 6 minute epic...worth staying with till the last orchestral/piano ending . I've always dreamed of being one of the cello players in ELO..for me, the cello is something beyond description..but that's for another day!
"> last and most favouretist piece..any ideas?


Devil Mood said...

Stadium Rock...that kills me! It's even worse than Dad rock!

I like the little voices they make. Very 70s. My Mother would like it. Even I like it. lol

I love the cello, especially in that song I posted, La Soledad.

For tomorrow: ...I'd say Genesis.

Niall said...

DM..I love that La Soledad (I'm a Soul Dad! )..........