Wednesday, April 02, 2008

PWM - 29, Choices

So, moping around a bit today..I've come to a bit of a stand-off..what shall I do with the background? I've decided on the candle in the rather ornate holder that my friends Alan and Sheridan gave us a few Christmases ago, to go in the middle.All along I've had the idea that I'd do something in blue..I don't know, it just feels right. And somewhere deep inside I feel a need to have some water in the picture..i dream of the sea most nights, i love the sea, yet it never gets into my pictures. I copied out two prints of PWM and used colour pencils to sketch in a couple of backgrounds. the top one is obviously the sea. I'm not asking for you to make the decision, but i just want you to be able to to see a little more of the process I go through when composing my pictures. It's odd that even after 112 hours work, i still don't know what I'm going to do!

Join me tomorrow to see what I've decided upon!


Nessa said...

It's been a while since I've been here and it's coming along very well. I like the background blank. It really makes "yous" stand out. The proposed background seems kind of busy.

Devil Mood said...

I agree that the blue works. Those look splendid, so bright, like a polaroid picture. :)

Niall said...

Nessa..How lovely to hear from you..
i fear that my visits to your site have been too few..~I shall remedie that in the future.

DM..As a water sign I knew you'd see my thinking...the sea it shall be.........perhaps...we'll sea/see.

Devil Mood said...

I'm not a Water sign, Niall. I know I sound like one but I'm a triple Fire ;)
But I do describe myself as a Fire-Water person. Just ignore me.