Saturday, April 19, 2008

PWM - 41

The clouds are now in place and I've added a little yellow ochre to the horizon. the next job is to darken the clouds near the top of the page and add a little red and more blue.I wanted clouds behind the area that is the glow from the candle as it helps to accentuate that's odd, but it actually looks as if there is a light there rather than plain paper showing through.

All being well, I should finish during the next week!


Devil Mood said...

The clouds look like the ones that were over here at dinnertime, except these were huge but also dark.
Fantastic - do you think the glow is a sign from above or something surreal like that?

Niall said...

DM...I think it's the case of a 'Happy accident' that it shines..I DID mean it to look as if it was glowing, but somehow it seems to have gone a step further in it's effect.It should be akll the more contrasted when I've put the sea in!