Saturday, April 12, 2008

PWM - 35

Well..perhaps the progress isn't as stunning as you hoped..? I've spent the time filling in the sky which now I see it here, it's not as even as I thought..however, there will be clouds to add in later...The candle is causing me a few headaches..the reference photo I took was against a dark background, so the flame bleached out the surround...obviously this is against a lighter backdrop, so I've taken a bunch of photos to give me the desired'll notice a difference when I've done it!The family arrived back safe and sound from their little break in whitby. Here's a rare photo of my two boys William (left) and Sam on board a little boat going out for a sight seeing cruise.


Ps said...

Lovely pic of Sam and Will.Amazing how you sense that flame isn't just right! It looks great to me!

Devil Mood said...

Stripes are really fashionable these days. The other day at the shopping center there wasn't a boy that wasn't dressed in stripes.
It was sunny, how nice :)

I hope you get the candle issue resolved.

Niall said...

PS...When I've worked on the flame, you'll see why.

DM...My fashionable boys!