Monday, April 21, 2008

PWM - 43 All at sea

This is my second go at posting today..don't you just hate it when you spend your time composing a carefully crafted piece of prose only to have the server not publish it?...aagghh!!!Anyway, here's hoping this one works!

I set about the sea today..not knowing which method would give the best effect, I decided to lay down a basic blue and 'suggest' waves...hen start darkening it with other colours later. below is a small selection of photos showing close ups of the work in progress.
Here I'm using blue to define the horizon my original sketch I had the sea being quite dark.

It's easy to make a light area darker than the other way around, so I'm opting for a fairly light layer of blue...I suppose it's a little 'grounding' which is a term in painting where you lay down a base colour for an area to eliminate the white glare of the canvas/paper....

The candle holder needs attention now..It is a metal structure and has a sort of shallow metal pan for the candle to stand in..the underside is reflective so needs to bear the correct light and highlights to make it look realistic...join me tomorrow to see what happens next!


Devil Mood said...

It's seeing your work and seeing the bookmarks I've been making. lol a complete contrast!
The detail is breathtaking!