Friday, April 11, 2008

Influences 3

Well...having waded through the huge response to yesterdays post..I can reveal that there was only one correct answer!Take a bow Devilmood!

Todays choice is probably my all time favourite piece of music. It is once again an extended piece which for the main part is instrumental. The textures and themes contained in it give me something different evey time I here it. Taken from the album 'Duke' and released in 1980 it was originally part of a concept which comprised Behind The lines, Duchess, guide Vocal, Turn It On Again,Duke's Travels and Dukes end.Split up for the album, i've presented here for your listening pleasure: Duke's Travels and Duke's End.

I listen to these pieces very often..especially whilst driving..I always feel uplifted, excited and calmed (if that's possible) If you listen to the construction of the pieces, there is a definite begining and concludes well and emphatically. I've heard this countless times..for you it will probably be the first..there it will sound a little complicated.

The Youtube clip is audio only so as not to detract from the sheer epic and dynamic quality of the music. See you tomorrow when I'll have my camera back and I can keep you up to date with PWM.

I've decided to add another piece which is a brilliant live performance of 'The Lady Lies' Phil
Collins at his best.
Duke's Travels/Duke's End.

The Lady lies (live)


Devil Mood said...

Niall, this is my tribute to our friendship, sitting here listening to Genesis for over 15minutes.

The first song reminded me of those melodies they play at travel shows. Cruises, airviews over a land, but in the 80s. ;)

Phil Collins looks better with a beard. I don't know about the doesn't "cause" anything in me. I think this a generational thing. I mean, I understand if people older and younger than me don't like grunge. I just grew up listening to it, it meant a lot, now it doesn't.

Niall said...

DM...One gold plated 'above and beyond the call' award is yours!