Thursday, April 03, 2008

PWM - 30

I heard this story on the popular Channel 4 words and numbers quiz show 'Countdown' the other day .

A man and his wife are shopping at the local he pushes the trolley along the isle he notices a special offer: '12 cans of Beer £8' he picks a case up and pops it into the trolley.
"What do you think you're doing?" his wife asks.."we can't afford to buy that!"...So he puts the case of beer back on the shelf . A little later down another isle, his wife picks up a jar of beauty cream..£16. She puts it in the trolley. "If we couldn't afford my beer, what do you want a jar of that for?" says the Husband. " make me beautiful" says the wife. "Well, 12 cans of beer make you look beautiful too dear..and they're half the price!"


Julie Schuler said...

I wish we could buy alchohol at our supermarkets. We have repressive laws and regulations in Pennsylvania. You have to buy liquor at a state store. And they are closed on Sundays. It's exasperating because sometimes you get visitors on a weekend and decide to make a dinner, and then you can't get a bottle of wine!

Devil Mood said...

Niall, I'm disappointed...what a bad joke. ;)

@ Julie - yack!! that's terrible :(

Niall said...

Julie...Ahhh!.It's those wonderful supermarkets that made us the binge drinking nation we're best know for!

DM...Dissapointed?..That was a good should here the really dire ones!..maybe i'll unleash them before long!