Monday, April 28, 2008

Trees - 5

It's been a busy, otherwise I think i would have finished this picture by now.I had an appointment with the Tourist Centre in Derby who have now placed an order for more prints of my Derby pictures.They appear to be selling fairly well.I now have a better idea of the sort of images which are next aim is to produce a series of pictures depicting the 'Cathedral Quarter' of the city. This is something that will have to wait until after my present series.
It's easy I think to get swamped under the need to produce commercially popular work.On one hand I have a responsibility to my family , but on the other hand, I have a duty to develop my 'voice' and produce work that is of my heart. ...ah my ball of wool!


Devil Mood said...

How about you look at it as you pleasing other people? If they tend to buy certain things it's because they really like them.

Niall said...

DM...I do..I fell incredibly flattered when people are interested in my work. At the tourist Centre in derby they have one window devoted to my pictures...!