Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Influences 1

As far as my musical identity is concerned, a significant event happened in 1975 with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Taken from the album 'A Day at The Races' (named after the Marx Brothers film of the same name!)..'Bo Rap' was totally different from anything that came before it. Timed at around 6 minutes, it didn't fit the average 3 minute boy meets girl pop song format, and featured multi track overlaying voices in an operatic style.

I was amused to see a programme on TV recently featuring a group of eminent professors who met at Oxford university to discuss the meaning of the lyrics of this song. After many hours of heated debate, their conclusion was inconclusive. According to the surviving members of Queen..there is in fact NO meaning to the song.

Freddie Mercury will always be thought of as an individualist who was a victim of his own chosen lifestyle who died long before his time. To me , he was an icon of style and personal achievement. Long before this song was released, I admired and loved the band's music..I saw Freddie dressed in his Zandra Rhodes white silk dress with black painted fingernails singing about fairies and giants.....this at a time when Punk Rock had begun to take hold of the collective ear....I have always loved and admired the progressive and innovative individuals who stuck two fingers up to the rest of the world and said ..." this is me...I am what I am.."

every New Year's circle of friends get together for a party...many years ago I suggested that at the stroke of midnight..we sing Bohemian Rhapsody...years later, the tradition continues.You have to imagine a room packed with people of all ages, singing in innebriated joy every sylable and dramatic pause..with every ounce of effort and passion to the very last note...On the album version, Freddie sings the last 'Any way the Wind Blows' very this live version, it is a defiant challenge...'OK're gonna dump on me sometime...but i'm ready..and i've got my friends around me, and we'll face it come on'!

Please listen to the song...a live version of which is presented here from the 1986 concert at Wembley in London......Tears frequently well in my eyes as the last notes sound "Anyway the wind blows"...">


chrispito said...

o i really enjoyed that! he was so beautiful. so special. thank you!

Devil Mood said...

Freddy Mercury will soon be on my Venus posts so I'll have to read all of Queen's lyrics. oof.
That New Year's Eve tradition sent shivers down my spine. I recognize the majesty of this song but it depresses me to no end.
I very much doubt the song had no meaning!!

Niall said...

Chrispito...I'm a Heterosexual man..but I find Freddie alluring,exciting..he had a very gentle warm and loving side also...his death was a great loss.

DM..Mercury in venus!..Hey don't be down about reading the lyrics..try some of the beautiful love songs like 'Love of my life'..'who wants to live forever?'...on the other hand you might try 'Fat bottomed girls!' hahaha.

Incidentally, I also think there was a menaing to the song which died with Freddie.we can only guess.