Monday, March 03, 2008

What's this 'ear then? PWM - 7

How to do an ear in four easy steps ! I use four main colours here..Scarlet, Yellow Ochre, Light Blue and Mid Blue.

Firstly , make sure you have the pencil lines in the correct place...if not, you'll have problems when they're covered in ink dots..correction is difficult as the ink penetrates the paper quickly and is dry in seconds.
Using the Mid blue ink, i mark out the darkest areas first..they don't have to be the correct density just yet..I'm mainly concerned with the blue as a guide so that it shows through he other layers of colour that will go on top.

Lightly add a layer of Scarlett making sure that there is plenty of scope to add more making it darker..if you put too man dots on at first and make it too's difficult to lighten. then place a layer of Yellow Ochre dots over the red.

Next, deepen the colours especially in the more shadowed areas...blend in any hard edges.( also make sure that any photos you take are in the same light . Not like me, I have two photos of the same thing which look totally different!) Next there is more blue to add...I'll do this later..I've got to cook the evening meal now!


Devil Mood said...

in four easy steps

yeah right!
If it were me, I'd end up putting tomato sauce in the painting and ink in the pasta...

Julie Schuler said...

I love painting ears. I like to make them all rosy and nibble-able.