Sunday, March 30, 2008

PWM - 27

I'm running out of things to say that might be interesting about this picture...I is my life my occupation, my passion..I will not stop until I get to the end.

I was reminded the other day as to why I call this blog 'Dancing for Beginners'. Have you ever wondered? Well,back in 2006 when I was considering starting a blog, Jan and i had just begun Salsa Lessons..for those of you who don't know what Salsa is, it's a name given to a type of multi tasking that only someone with six legs, an IQ of 175 at least and the patience of a Saint and the fitness of an olympic gymnast could ever hope to master.In other's a style of dancing. now having dancing and a natural leaning towards rhythm already in my blood , I considered this particular pastime would be relaxing, fun and would help Jan and I have a life apart from our children and meet new people. how wrong could i be?..I found every fibre of my body aching, my mind in a whirl as I tried to comprehend the moves that my body just refused to attempt. But given time, weekly visits to the classes and time on the slippery floor of my kitchen practising the moves..I finally had it..

Looking back , I wonder why I was so all seems so natural...I think dancing is a metaphor for life..we fear, we avoid taking the 'steps' because they seem so difficult. but given a good teacher and the knowledge that those around you are also in the same 'boat' suddenly seems easier..broken down into manageable steps..practised and tried again and again till the steps were right...

OK, so life doesn't always give you the time to throws it all at you sometimes..and it seems all you can manage is to duck out of the way as "The midden hits the windmill"..but hey!..NO ONE expects you to get the steps right first time..some times we have to take lessons..let others show us the way.

That's why i think of my life as that...Dancing for Beginners..I'm rubbish at it..but then again, so is everyone else...but let's learn


Bob-kat said...

So true, and it's also important to remember that those who are better than us now were beginners once too, adn those that seem worse than us need are understanding as we were once in their shoes.

So many people can be intolerant of human mistakes these days, especially driving :(

Popped over to check on your progress and your picture is looking great :)

Devil Mood said...

I'm glad you explained why you said dance is a metaphor for life, it makes absolute sense!

Niall said...

I might also add that when it all comes together and you actually do get the steps's a most exhilarating feeling!