Sunday, June 29, 2008

700th post! Absurdities - 14

Worked mainly on the shirt sleeve and collar today in between chatting with visitors to the exhibition. Met some lovely people today including Pete and Helen who bought one of my Minipix originals!This unfortunately was my only is true that money is scarce..I think most people are putting it in their petrol tanks as opposed to on their walls!

The most amazing thing happened this morning whilst i was working...onto the table landed a beautiful little Hoverfly..!!Here in the picture below you can see it on my hand..the picture below that shows a wider angle including the drawing of the Hoverfly. I have decided that the insect fraternity of Hoverfly's have given me their blessing by sending this little fella as an ambassador..!


Devil Mood said...


700 posts, this is a prolific blog!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

the flight of the bumble bee... how very clever! they used to play that song before every movie at the theater when I was growing up so I knew exactly what this wonderful illustration was about the moment I saw it. well done

Sue said...

Congratulations on a great anniversary!

Niall said...

DM...I will continue!

Ascenderrisesabove...How lovely to hear from you..I admit to being a seldom visitor to your wonderful site..there's always something new and exciting when I do visit!

Incidentally, the main theme of this picture is not to illustrate the song you mentioned, the meaning i hope to divulge later in the process, but I am very happy for you to make the connection ...( a little clue to the meaning: I can't play the violin!)

Sue..Hello!Two comments from lovely people who i have rarely visited recently!'s to the next 700!