Friday, June 06, 2008

Gestations - Friday 6th june.

Unlike many other artists..I work with small sketches..this goes against what i was taught..indeed what I teach be bold ..brash and free when composing and sketching. I can visualise things well in small scale..

Here is a view of my desk just now...some photos of me...some Hoverfly's and Bees...I've found it difficult to concentrate today..various things taking up my thoughts... Jan has been away all week doing role play for the Royal College Of Psychiatry enabling candidates to be assessed on their skills when dealing with difficult patients.

On a lighter (but non the less important) note, Jan applied to Arts Council England for a theatre project she has planned , she runs a theatre company which specialises in children's theatre...yesterday we heard the good news that the funding had been awarded.This will enable a new play to be commissioned by renowned playwright Mike Kenny to be written..stage designers and actors to be is expected to tour around 60 venues in the autumn. thoughts are gathering for the new picture....


Devil Mood said...

Wow! 60 venues!That's not small. Congratulations to Jan!

I find it extremely amusing that they hire actors to help examiners. Why aren't people over here as imaginative?

I love seeing other people's mess! Mine freaks me out. lol