Monday, June 23, 2008

Absurdities - 10

Not an obviously large amount of progress can see I've started to add shadows onto my arm and there are some I know what you're thinking re - 'Flight of The Bumble Bee'...that may be a reference but is not the major concept of the piece...( at least in my mind!)

Today i have had two other pressing jobs...firstly, the car has had two bulbs headlight and one brake light.I'm probably one of the most least patient people when it comes to fact it was a near miracle that saw me down at the motor spares shop in the first place! Then trying to access the lamps themselves suggests the designer had not only a dark sense of humour but a multi jointed robot to assemble the thing (thank you Mr. Citroen!)..

The second task was to start on the design for the publicity material for the play Jan's company are producing....(had to go out to buy a new sketch book for the purpose)...looking after kitty litter(aaghhkk!)..and trying to watch tennis from Wimbledon.....I think I might be seeing the men with the big comfy coat that fastens at the back soon!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

oops i was wrong.

Niall said...

Ascenderrisesabove...having thought about are NOT wrong..anyone is at liberty to attach whatever significance to the images in my thanks!(I'll buzz off now)