Wednesday, June 04, 2008



...right..wife away all week to sort out kids, schools,laundry,shopping...basically i revert to being 'Super Dad' for the week minus the tights and cape..(that's for my day off!)..but never the less, i've come up with some good solid ideas from which to move to the next stage. I am quite aware in choosing to depict a hypnotic violinist, that I can very easily stray into cliche Fagin/Fiddler On The Roof/ i saw a photo of a violinist which appealed and was looking head on (see 2.)..i'd drawn a full length figure (4.) which although looking nearer to what I imagined, was not dynamic enough....and 3. looked more like the Fagin I referred to earlier.So in 1. you can see the figure has been placed for the time being in the left of the frame with the bow making a diagonal to the top right hand corner....there will be room for another figure/figures there....I've decided to take a few pictures of me playing the violin to get shading and shadows referenced...I also have ideas for a colour scheme.

So there you have a few bare bones as it were...remember to join me each day as I progress from the basic sketches to the finished picture.





Julie Schuler said...

I really like the Delacroix portrait of Paganini. It's so mysterious.

Niall said...

Jlie...Yes, it's very dark and if you squint, you only see his hands and face..