Thursday, June 12, 2008

Absurdities - 4



It's been awhile since I've dropped in and I must say, you've been quite busy! I just love your art Niall and your latest is quite gorgeous! I love visiting places like that neighborhood. I could get lost in that picture for hours.

Oh, and your two new family members! So fun! I think I can see the half stub tail in your last photo. The kitties look so happy to have you and vice versa.

As you know, I'm a huge cat fan and our most recent, Mohito (also known as black and white cookie cat since she's black and white...the cookie part is from my favorite b/w cookie at the local bakery - 'cause she's soooo sweet - gush), was a rescue. I really didn't want another cat. She knew better though. We're inseparable if that were possible, or should I say, she's attached to me most days (and nights) lol.

The love and warmth they give is quite sweet. Enjoy them.

God bless you Niall and keep up the inspiring and good work. I'll be back.


Niall said...

Maria..thanks for the kind words!..
Yes, a stubby tail is visible..I saw one of my neighbours cats today and how odd it looked to have a full tail!Mohito sounds lovely..