Friday, June 13, 2008

Absurdities - 5 ....oh, and some cats!

I can't believe it!!I seem to given myself a fat chin!..Honestly, I don't have's a trick of the light and the result of having a fiddle stuck under my chin! least that's my story!!

Life adapting to our new arrivals has been so much fun..anyone whose cared for kittens will know what I mean by 'mad half hour' as they hurtle around at top speed.. Here Tremble in the foreground and Wilba have run out of play energy and have flaked out..... I've been reading a few articles about Manx seems ours are classified as 'Rumpy Risers' which refers to the short tail they have..they also have longer back legs than other breeds..they (it is said) came to Britain in 1700's from Spain..Tailless cats can still be found in Spain and Portugal...The Manx breed is often referred to as the 'Dog Cat' because of it's loyalty, intelligence and hunting ability.They are expert jumpers and climbers and tend to be well built, muscular and stocky. The other interesting fact is that whereas other cats reach adulthood at around one year, it takes up to five years for the Manx to reach maturity.


Devil Mood said...

the dog cat, interesting. never heard of it before!
have you made your chin thinner now?

Niall said...

DM...It refers to the characteristic of loyalty...apparently Manx like to follow you around..also they are fiercly protective of their territory.