Monday, June 30, 2008

Absurdities - 15

I spent around four hours working on the left arm and sleeve today in between chatting to visitors. Sold a print to a lovely couple from Texas USA who are over here visiting family..Susan said that she had grown up in Derbyshire...she and her husband currently work in Qatar.

Here's a couple of pictures of me sporting face fuzz and a horrendous shirt...(which I love).


Devil Mood said...

You're reminding me of a What Not to Wear Episode with male participants. They had horrendous shirts like that too. But if you ask me they're fun being so dreadful lol
Are you trying to provoke a specific reaction? Does it belong to your artist - persona? :)

Niall said...

DM...What NOT to wear??!!hahahaha...I think everyone should be MADE to wear shirts like this...also it is a fact that once one is over 40 years old..all sense of style is lost forever!

Ps said...

You're looking great.And you know what--it takes a ceratin kind of chutzpah to carry off a shirt like that which you manage to do.