Saturday, May 09, 2009

Captain Kebab #4

Today I began to seriously consider my next picture. I've put a few ideas down in my sketchbook and have an overall concept about the metaphors I'm hoping to represent. Meanwhile Captain Kebab strip continues. you know, it was the artwork in comics that got me interested in drawing when I was a kid. As a little boy I used to read comics such as 'The Beano' 'The Dandy' 'Whizzer and Chips'..where characters like Dennis The Menace,Corky the Cat, Desperate Dan and The Bash Street Kids were the staple diet of a ten year old,
But my teenage years brought the real serious stuff of comic lore...'Marvel Comics' I was introduced to The Amazing Spiderman..The Avengers..The Incredible Hulk and it was here that my pencils got to work.My school mates would crowd around me at play time to see my drawings of my heroes...and I'd sell them ..I'd even do them to order....and not only comic book superheroes...I drew 'Charlie's Angels'..'Steve Austin The Six Million dollar Man'..'The Bionic woman'...'Starsky And Hutch'...I once even had an order to draw Abba! Looking back now, they were not very good, but they were good enough.


Preeti Shenoy said...

Niall, I don't know if you know that i do a bit of graphology. Your 'y' formation in the writing interests me a lot. It reveals that you have absolutely no interest in material things--Money is never a motivating factor for oyu. As long as the basics are taken care of, you're happy.