Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jigsaw - 2

In 1972 I was an 10 year old lad, and was amazed to find out that I'd won a raffle at my school. the prize?...A football...but no ordinary football. This wonderfully orange leather football was autographed by the recently crowned English first division (now the Premiership) champions, Derby County.They were all there...Roy McFarland..Colin Todd..Kevin Hector,Alan Hinton...and Brian Clough! What a wonderful prize for a young ardent Derby County fan...that is until days later, a group of my friends and I were to go off to our local park to play one had a ball......but I did! I took along my my treasured ball...and stood with pride that I was the one who'd won it and we were playing with a genuine champions football.

Of course, the grass was wet, and all the autographs got rubbed off.....To my 10 year old mind the REAL value of the ball was the fact that it had been played with by our heroes...Had my parents known, I'm sure they'd have stopped me taking it..but I'd sneaked it out of the house.Looking back, I should have kept it safe and sound locked away...gathering value.

Things are valuable for different reasons...the value is determined by by the significance of the 'thing' to an person will pay a fortune for a significant work of modern another it's a worthless pile of bricks.It's an interesting thought.Is there any point to this story?, but it's funny isn't it?

Today I've progressed well with my work.. I love the texture that the dots create,(click on the image to get a closer look) i love the warmth of the colours....and I love the fact that the yes worked and I can look forward to all the hours of work yet to come.


Tys on Ice said...

i guess the real value in things are in its uses...evrything else is a form of taxidermy isnt it?

Niall young said...

Tys...yes....'stuff' lol !